This one was a loooong time in the works.  And it’s amazing!  It’s not only a tribute to a classic early-90’s pop album, viagra  it’s also an exercise in variation… of composition, of instrumentation, even of expropriation.  These are total re-invention of the original.  Track-by-track.  Enjoy!

1. She Don’t Lead A Lonely Life – Milch of Source feat. EeL
2. Earth Spin Begin – Candy Claws
3. Young And Prout – Thiaz Itch
4. Under The Pale Moon – Freja Bluegrass Band
5. Eyes Of A Stranger – Society of Imaginary Friends
6. Daydreamin’ – 100 dBs & Ryan-O’Neil
7. Wheel Of Forts – Pikelet
8. Sleeping In A Coffin – BlackBlack
9. The People Understand – Poor Jiffy
10. Euphoria – The Gauchos
11. My Right Brain (Morning Crash Instrumental) – Morning Crash
12. She’s Going To Get You – Bob Mo and Gigi

Cover art by Lawrence Cox
Lettering by Alexandra Titova
Mastered by Martyn Palmer




From filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes we’re pleased to bring you a series that explores the dirty and happy world of treeplanting on Canada’s west coast.

Each of its ten episodes will reveal a different facet of the planting lifestyle… from pounding (trees) to parties to problems, Faces and Hands traverses this intense and isolated reality.

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Power und Beauty began as an unintentional adventure through the mystical fields of harmonious sisterly collaboration. Karli and Caroline who had been singing together for four years joined up with Anna and Sarah of Olive Green. They started with a few songs Karli had written and a few from Anna. There was an effortless blending of voices and hearts. To these four musical women, nothing could be more powerful or beautiful than purely joined female voices in harmony and melody. Vanity aside, Power und Beauty is what they named this new project.

With choral experience, piano lessons, years of performance and a love for writing, the girls brought unique talents to the table. Sarah Moyer pioneered the use of a vegetable steamer as percussion. Caroline Fowler explored the multi-faceted uses of the battery powered Yamaha keyboard while playing the tambourine. Anna Collins-Wakeman mastered the duel glockenspiel and shaker technique. Karli Fairbanks reinvented the infamous accordion waltz. All multi-tasking with back and forth melody and harmonies, each one had a big task to conquer.

Fantastical childish musicality dancing together in unity with angelic immortal feminine vocals. All in front of a Bavarian backdrop, clothed in knee high socks and suspenders. Power und Beauty had fatefully and whimsically prepared themselves to conquer the world.

1. Beggars and Felons
2. Lavender
3. Peaches
4. The Author Of Spring

Cover art by Fernando Leal
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Greatest It is a collection of favorites from six innovative labels, those being Upitup, Proot, Egotwister, WM, Cock Rock Disco and yours truly.  We’re all releasing this at the same time in order to bring each other new blood, new fans, new admirers, new enemies.  As we’re all in the habit of putting out top-notch free music on a regular basis it seemed natural to go through our back catalogues and show off some of our weirdness, collectively.  We hope you enjoy!

  1. Vernon LeNoir – Crane stance in the stench of gore (Ego Twister)
  2. Silencide – Sirba (Ego Twister)
  3. Amnesie – Lapin numéro un (Ego Twister)
  4. Roglok – : P (UpItUp)
  5. Tracky Birthday feat. Dragan – Websiiite (UpItUp)
  6. Candlestickmaker – Unclog (UpItUp)
  7. Happy Elf – Another day (WM recordings)
  8. The Rabbits – Quick Make It Stop (WM recordings)
  9. Manuele Atzeni – Crezima (WM recordings)
  10. Okapi – Mammal interpreter (ituri-mix) (Proot)
  11. Thiaz Itch – The Gardener’s Lament (Proot)
  12. Katapulto – Striptease (Proot)
  13. DJ Donna Summer – Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix) (Cock Rock Disco)
  14. Captain Ahab – Feel Anymore (Cock Rock Disco)
  15. Dev:Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
  16. Bakers at Dawn – Undefined (Peppermill)
  17. Rafter – Long Ago A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America (Peppermill)
  18. Le Rok – Le Rokford Files (Peppermill)

Cover art by Amandine Urruty




Antoine Bédard is one of Canada’s most consistently brilliant songwriters, and here he presents us with five creative interpretations of other people’s songs.

For his last full length album Going Places, he seamlessly incorporated 70 collaborators including Final Fantasy, M83, Beach House, Au Revoir Simone, Ida Nilsen, Ghislain Poirier, Leah Abramson, Vitaminsforyou, Isan and the wonderful Amy Millan.

For this EP though it’s just Antoine, his instruments, some classic tunes from his Walkman and some seagulls. Please enjoy, and share with others!

1. No Aloha (The Breeders cover)
2. Set Adrift a Memory of You (PM Dawn cover)
3. Angel I Will Walk You Home (Unrest cover)
4. Small Town Boy / Never Gonna Cry Again (Bronski Beat / Eurythmics cover)
5. Sunflower (Low cover)




On the weekend of August the 21st of 2009 we trekked up to Rohr Lake, British Columbia, for our second annual Peppermill Music Festival.

Here we present you with some sounds and visuals from our three days of mountains, glaciers, alpine meadows, blue skies, and an icy cold lake.  And of course lots of music from round the fire…


1. Ilana Cameron and Kurt Goltz – Swimming in September
2. Tarran the Tailor – Shameless Hey
3. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – The Man Who Sold His Beard
4. Fabi Reyna – Explosion Catastrophe
5. Nick Caceres – Henry Ford’s Streets
6. Paleo – Mournful And Slow
7. Valerie Graham – Love Henry
8. Fabi Reyna – Welcome To A Big New World
9. Tarran the Tailor – Will You Follow / Desdemone
10. everyone – I Love Rock’n’Roll
11. Nick Caceres – Did You See The Words
12. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Vasalisa Carries A Flaming Skull Through The Forest


1. Intermission
2. Ilana Cameron and Kurt Goltz – Bluebell
3. Valerie Graham – Poison Sister
4. everyone – Don’t Stop Believin’
5. Doom Squad – Seahorse Sing-Along
6. Nick Caceres – Apostle’s Drink
7. Tarran the Tailor – Beg In Please
8. Fabi Reyna – Smart
9. Paleo – Woman Like Me / My Old Man
10. Valerie Graham – Found Money
11. A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Lassú
12. Ilana/Kurt/Tarran – Je Chanterai Pour Toi




Bakers At Dawn is Marcus Sjöland, who lives in Malmö, Sweden, where he works in a record store and spends most of his remaining waking hours obsessing about or playing music.   He lists among his influences The Freed Weed collection by Sebadoh, Graham Coxton, Eric’s Trip, and Neutral Milk Hotel.  In fact it was after discovering the latter’s song “Everything Is”, and listening to it repeat, that he got inspired to write music of his own.

Also he enjoys The Bon Scott Years as well as The Melvins.  However there’s always another part of him that would like to play super brainy prog built on complicated math equations, and then process all the sounds with various spacey effects and vocoders.

He’s released numerous cd-r’s and has put out a number of internet releases as well, including last year’s ‘As Is’, which is also freely downloadable.  Also he plays in a band called The Argument, check ’em out!

1. Love
2. Undefined
3. After The War
4. Opsigon
5. Mesmophone
6. Same
7. Buckets
8. With These Options
9. Pick A Fight
10. Lester
11. Logistics
12. Behind Every Lie Is A Powerful Truth
13. The Instrument
14. Tennisk
15. Might

Cover art by Jon McNaught
Bakers At Dawn @ facebook





Robin Barstow got his first synth at the age of 5, which he’s since modified with light-sensitive modulation. He started sequencing at 12. Influencing him at the time was a lot of prog and psychedelic music from the 60’s and 70’s such as Nektar, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd, The Man Band, but also things like Tonto’s Expanding Head Band as well as Tangerine Dream.

Now at the age of 25, and still living in his native country of Norway, he works as a sound engineer when he’s not circuitbending or skiing or travelling. He lives for a good coffee and quiet surroundings, the latter he attributes to living in a noisy studio within a noisy city.

It’s Circular was partially inspired by his recent fascination for house organs, “those big enormous ugly things” of the 70’s and 80’s. He’s currently building an octopus-like midi controller to use live, and he’s always searching for “that special” sawtooth wave.

1. It Rained All Day
2. Can We Leave This Place
3. Can You Understand
4. Noel
5. Closet Dance
6. Probably Not
7. Diver City

Cover art by Dallas Clayton
Visit Sky @




Benjamín Z comes to us from Guadalajara, Mexico, where he trades his time as alternately a student (at a music conservatory), a dressmaker and an amateur barista.

In between he finds time to make lots of his own songs… a form of communication he prefers to talking. This collection is (surprisingly) his first… “I tried to remember all those important moments in my life from my childhood to these days and also I learned how to make a record by myself without dying or killing anybody in the attempt.”

Besides Volumina, he’s also in a lovely band called Antoine Reverb, as well he’s producing an album for Bosque Discoteca. And in the future him and Chi (the cat on the cover) hope to travel to many different countries and bring the love to everyone.

1. My Best Friend
2. Twist!
3. Hide and Seek
4. The Rock & Roll Space Band
5. Love
6. Study For A Pop Band
7. Old Family Photo Album
8. Turn On The Music!

Cover art by Karla Vázquez
Volumina @ bandcamp




Welcome to The Box. We won’t tell you what’s inside, but feel free to have a look…

Set One:

1. Zeep – Smoking Boxes
2. Vernon LeNoir – From the Copter to the Skates
3. Batfinks – Something About Neshon’s Numbers
4. Le Rok – Le Rokford Files
5. Karaocake – We’re Not Scared Of Ghosts
6. TEP – Marx Will Never Die
7. Swingology – Radioactive Blood?
8. William D. Drake – One Armed Bandits
9. Miss Scarlett – Retrograde
10. Candlestickmaker – You Have The Right… To Remain Silent
11. Scrambled Mache – Norm
12. X.O.X. – Would You Be My
13. Thunder Power – Jack the Tripper
14. Br’er – I’m Not A Scientist
15. Satanicpornocultshop – Suicidal Empire

Set Two:

1. Gangpol & Mit – Pocket Knife
2. com.pare – Show Curiosity
3. Thiaz Itch – Earth, Wind, and Fire
4. The Chap – Come Off It Sharon
5. Goroe – Bop Cat
6. Cocoawildboars – CWB Team
7. Electric Kettle – Probleme?
8. Hypnotuba – Beet Curiosity
9. Olga Bancic – Opaque Inhabitant
10. Winderous Igloos – Sea Line
11. Grumpy Bear – Chi Chi Rodriguez
12. Spark – Would You Stop The World?
13. Candy Claws – Beyond The Skies

Set Three:

1. Shavora – Sweet Buns Of Mine
2. Honeybird & the Birdies – Nati Antenati
3. Volumina – Abuelito
4. Zephyr Nova – Oversized Gadget Laden Gas Guzzler
5. Orange Zebre – Evol Bloat
6. Karl Blau – Ballad of the Symbiotic Subterranean Species
7. Sharkweek – Dead People And Freaks Like Me
8. Sondenkind – Coming Of Rage Of A Space Maiden
9. Jason Forrest – Telephone Box
10. Protestant Work Ethic – Beekeepers
11. Ocean Bump! – Flight
12. PierrotheMoon – Propane Propane
13. Zeep – Da Caixinha
14. Grand Hallway – Henry At The Ballgame

Artwork by Travis Lampe




Recorded spring 04 – summer 08
@ Flashy Storm in Fort Collins
by Kay and Ryan
courtesy of Act So Big Forest




For our first project we did 30 artists in 30 days… now we tried 52 artists in 52 weeks, divided up into four parts.  Those of course being Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The first artist started on the 21st of December, the first day of Winter which also happens to be the Solstice. They borrowed a headline out of that week’s news as the title to their 2-3 minute song and then had 7 days to complete it before they passed their creation on to the next artist, who continued where they had left off.We had some amazing musicians that took part.  Winter was all over the map, stylistically, while Spring was much more acoustic, with real instruments and voices and such… Summer on the other hand was faster, harder, very rhythmic… and then Fall was a combination of things.  Overall we’re very happy with the result of this year-long experiment, and we hope you enjoy it as well.



We started with Winter. A cold, harsh 0-12 months, depending on your geographic location. Or depending on your interests… if you live in Canada and you love snowboarding and chasing polar bears on your ice skates then it’s a wonderful time of year, of course.

Officially it’s only three months long though, giving us thirteen weeks, thirteen different artists with which to kick this thing off. We have quite a mix of styles in this set from hip-hop to electropop to the impossible to accurately describe.

December 21
Squishing Sniffy – Artists Busted!
by The Bran Flakes

December 28
2006: Good Riddance
by Jason Forrest

January 4
Saddam Fed Birds While Jailed
by Satanicpornocultshop

January 11
A Formula For Procrastination
by Daedelus

January 18
Wild Cambodian Jungle Girl Found
by Ricky (Rabbit)

January 25a
Low-Key Superstar
by Säwe feat. B-Mor7

February 1st
Diamondgeezer 66
by El Cubist feat. Nongenetic

February 8th
Skydiving Miracle: Man Falls Two Miles
by Flowtation Addvice

February 15th
Pension Tension
by Cactus On Fire feat. Baba Brinkman

February 22nd
Shaking Riches Out Of The Cosmos
by Nimble and Madge

March 1st
Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein
by Primix For Kids

March 8th
Third Armrest Betrays Alien Origin Of New Military Plane
by Gangpol & Mit

March 15th
Baby, There Is No Good News Today
by Bebe Del Banco



With the fall of winter and the hiccup of daylight savings time behind us, our taxes files, our yearly vacation time used up already and our New Year’s resolutions long forgotten, we set to the tasks of re-populating the Earth and making beautiful music.  For our Spring set we had a lovely string of more acoustic-based artists to brighten your weeks.

March 22nd
Un Don D’ovules Porteur De Vie
by Montag

March 29th
Did The Red Sea Part?
by Ghost Bees

April 5th
Oh, Chicken Feathers!
by Liger

April 12th
Pony Rides
by Candy Claws

April 19th
Island Grows
by Airships

April 26th
Using Tacos To Catch A Thief
by Polichinelle

May 3rd
Cosmonauts Don’t Like Returning To Earth
by Eddie the Rat

May 10th
Dark Matter Revealed
by The Winks

May 17th
Man Leaves Fortune To Tortoise!
by Santosh

May 24th
Japanese Robot Likes Sushi, Fears President
by Peter Fuhry

May 31th
A Day To Float The Bahnar Boat
by These United States

June 7th
The Gregarious Brain
by Vandaveer

June 14th
New View Of Doomed Star
by Broken Deer



To help distract you from the summer heat, Peppermill brings you a season of over-the-top crazy beat magicians… if Spring was the equivalent to a delicate new monarch butterfly just freed from it’s winter cocoon, Summer is like a tyrannosaurs rex with a laser strapped to it’s chest.

June 21st
Put Out A Fire And Get Stoned
by Virt

June 28th
(From Up Here) She Looks Like An Angel Now
by Binärpilot

July 5th
Cleveland Official Blasts Teen Thug
by Blaerg

July 12th
Bianca Freire Fucks A Few Fresh Veggies
by Oxygenfad 

July 19th
I’m Finishzzzed
by Maxwithmax

July 26th
Vermont Takes On Detroit
by Duran Duran Duran

August 2nd
Spice Girls Team Up
by Poor Jiffy

August 9th
Drinking Songs That Put Yours To Shame
by Dev/Null 

August 16th
Cleaning San Fran Oil Spill With Hair Mats And Mushrooms
by Mochipet 

August 23rd
Birds Dazed And Confused
by Terminal 11

August 30th
Deforestation Of Brazil’s Amazon Rises Sharply
by Scrambled Mache 

September 6th
Promise Of Fall Is In The Air
by Candlestickmaker

September 13th
Out Of Season
by Wisp



Here we are in the Autumn, or Fall as we’re officially dubbing the season, with an assortment of artists from all walks of life handing off tunes of thanksgiving to one another.  Or whatever their musical mood fancies.  As always, everyone had a week to create their song before tagging off.

September 20th
Myanmar Government Imposes Curfews
by Psy-Sci

September 27th
Playing In The Dirt (To Counter Depression)
by Set in Sand

October 4th
Cowboys Still Matter
by Ernest Gonzales

October 11th
Early Humans May Have Used Makeup, Seafood
by Populous feat. Penny

October 18th
Eat It, Lick It, Snort It, Fuck It
by Medusa Palace Casino

October 25th
Solar Crosses Stolen From Cemetary
by The Van Allen Belt

November 1st
This Is My Cancer
by Coppe & Cal Murphy 

November 8th
From Minus 19 To Zero In One Night
by Orangebox

November 15th
Quick Fixes To Bring Back Damaged Voices
by Sky Barstow 

November 22nd
Injuries Being Called Suspicious
by Ceschi

November 29th
Time To Fire Isiah
by Nathan Michel

December 6th
Long Ago, A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America
by Rafter

December 13th
Last Days On Earth
by The Real Tuesday Weld




This album is a collection of old and new songs done by treeplanters, about treeplanting, and for the most part, for other treeplanters.

Not that everyone isn’t welcome to bask in our nostalgia, but to truly appreciate these tunes, one must actively take part in this silvi-culture.  Other than a few exceptions, the artists who took part are veterans of the Canadian planting scene.  These campfire classics are inspired by long days out on the “block”, working through the bugs and the rain and the difficult terrain and then coming back to camp, hot food, showers, and the companionship of the other boys and girls who help replant our country’s vast forests every Spring/Summer.

Below you’ll find the album of course, as well as a photo gallery from Hugh Stimson, a planting slang dictionary if the need arises to look up a word or phrase while listening to the songs, and also you’ll find links to some other websites if you want to read further.  If you’re a musically gifted planter and have your own song you’d like to contribute, we’ll be doing another set for next season, so feel free to send them to us throughout the year.  To all you others, come join us in the bush this season!


1. Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees! – Mika Vanhanen & Pataluoto Children’s Choir
2. Middle of Nowhere – The Cracker Cats
3. El Plantador – Baba Brinkman
4. Blackfly – Bill Crosson
5. The Road North – Michael Mloszeski
6. 2007 Pounder Mix – MC I-Ras & Dj Roots
7. The Crummy – Mike Ford
8. Time Warp – Captain Keenan
9. The Replanting Blues – Brianne Hudson
10. Meziadin Junction – Michael Mloszeski
11. This Vibe – Jennifer Plummer
12. Tree Planting Party – Vicki Larnach
13. Drifting On – Jeff Andrew


1. Lumberjack – Alice Rose
2. Planter For Life (after four years) – Bad Uncle
3. Bad For The Bears – Dooderonomy
4. J-Root Leaner – The Gruff
5. The Wedding Song – Deb Hirkala
6. KM 19 – The Breakmen
7. In The Country – Natalie Germann
8. Buckbreak – Ken Hamm
9. Back In The Mountains – Brian Brigden
10. The General Store – The Gruff
11. Cabin In The Woods  – The Be Good Tanyas feat. Jolie Holland
12. The Treeplanting Song – Robbie Sinclair
13. Love Song To Little Trees – Bill Crosson





Cualquiera is Nacho Pintos, originally from Galicia, a cloudy, rainy and green land in the NW of Spain, hit by the atlantic ocean.  He now lives in Barcelona and started to make music just to prove that anyone (cualquiera) with a computer can do it.

Nacho usually makes songs and sounds that try to reflect a very short moment, a micro-thought, the ones that vanish quickly, but somehow you can recall years later.  While every tune has an explanation he prefers people make it out for themselves.

1. Antes de nada (Before anything)
2. Me fui de la fiesta, dos veces (I left the party, twice) 
3. Que no, abuela! (I said no, grandma!)
4. El chico…de la playa… (The boy…on the beach…)
5. Necesitamos mas sillas (We need more chairs)
6. “…I’m only sleeping…”
7. Me sobrevuelan gallegas (Galician women fly over me)




Santosh, tree planting minstrel extraordinaire as well as a member of Bombay Laughing Club, presents us with a collection of some of his most interesting creations of the past few years.

Santosh is a Bad Uncle

Five months in an isolated cabin can be dangerous. Too much time on your hands can be hazardous for the mental health, and after the first month we were all courting madness, behaving quite erratically.

Thankfully, we were equipped with weapons to stave of the slow approach of insanity. There were cellos, saxophones, guitars, moog synthesizers, bizarre eastern instruments, turntables, xylophones, mandolins, dulcimers, violins, keyboards, hand drums, microphones and all sorts of other musical devices of mayhem; a veritable arsenal of sonic destruction.

We recorded songs like sick animals possessed by some dark muse from the far reaches of space. We averaged a song a day, and came out of the winter with more than one hundred songs recorded, and about three times as many freestyle jams recorded. There was nothing else to do, no way to measure the days, except for the relentless flow of songs that poured out from us. For some weeks we would just do blues songs, other weeks were possessed by reggae, sometimes we would just spend days creating atonal noise collages. Creative process was the only thing that added any meaning to life in the cabin, so we created.

This collection represents some of our best tracks, and were hand picked to showcase the diversity of styles that we were juggling. Its only the smallest of drops in the bucket. We all met at tree planting camp, a creamshow in the rugged heights of the Malakwa Valley in Southern BC. It was some of the most dangerous land that any of us had ever seen, but the money was great.

After sensing a chemistry with eachother, we decided to hit an open mic jam at a local biker bar. The results were fantastic. People from all walks of life praised us, and that’s what led us to form a band. Unfortunately, the strain of being in a cabin together for so long strained the experience, and the band disbanded over the next tree planting season. There may be more in the future though, who knows.

1. Workin’ Boy Blues
2. Suba Deba
3. Space Machine
4. Black Cat Veins
5. Blue Berry
6. Embarrased By Prayer
7. Yaks
8. Coi Bhat Ne Hey
9. Kill You Dead
10. When Your Gone
11. You Want It All
12. Brother
13. Bridge Jumping
14. Slippery Sleep



A collection of unique instrumental hymns (with included lyrics) that listeners are encouraged to grace with their voices.  With a few bonus vocal versions added to the end if you need some guidance.  Share and rejoice!

1. DoF – My Father’s World
2. Set in Sand – Living Water
3. Psy-Sci – Hark the Herald
4. The Square Root of Evil – We Three Kings
5. Airships – O Holy Night
6. Philo – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
7. Set in Sand – Living Water (vocals)
8. The Square Root of Evil – We Three Kings (vocals)
9. Philo – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (vocals)
10. DoF – My Father’s World (vocals)




While awaiting a number of projects to come to fruition, we here at Peppermill Records got pretty impatient and thusly looked outside our own planet system for new sounds to promote… more specifically we turned to the popular annual intergalactic radio program Sounds of the Universe and it’s controversial dj, the always engaging ex-Earthling Dr. John.

So we secured the rights in this system to release its recently aired 22nd episode, and here it is, one of the most dynamic and introspective volumes of Sounds Of The Universe in recent memory.  Here’s the release notes from the GMDA:.


It is the earnest hope of the Galaxy Media Distributation Association, that all information and cultural assimilation data be received with an open mind, regardless of planetary ethnicity, or solar sector bias. The sole purpose of spreading the jewels of deep space culture, from species to species, is to help bring about a widespread understanding that may help to foster interplanetary understanding and compassion. Too many Sligtheniq have suffered from the cruelty of artistic genocide, too many Hrefniaw from the cold touch of intergalactic poetry critics . . . . and far too many wars have been waged in the name of fashion supremacy. All data included in this months programming is to be received with an open mind, and too be understood for what it really is; a rare glimpse into the hearts and souls of farflung craftsmen, who all share a reverence for the muses, a reverence which could be the only thing that binds all races together.


track two

Recorded, 32889 ag, via Psylink by llolololllolollololol Holdings Incorporated, with permission from High Sziaer Hreythicnic.  This recording was distributed under contract by Solar Dragon Inc, and broadcast from the invisible masters of the SOL system.

track three

Recorded by chance, 21111 ag, on mercenary station-6 of the Freth System, by sonic photographer Yuri. It was, and still is the most clear and definitive reproduction of the Galtruu’s desolate cries and is distributed by Solar Dragon, in partnership with Sif-Saf Holdings Inc.

track four

Recorded by Seth-Seth, 42778 ag, on Fren-Flez of the Slith-Szie system.  All recordings and distributation managed by Heti-Hati and the Infinite Joy Inc.  This was to be Seth-Seth’s last album before a tragic over indulgence took his life one revolution later.  A galactically tragic moment, indeed.

track five

Recorded by chance, 109 ag, on Hiath, by an early Silth sonic photographer, who’s origin and life story has long since faded into obscurity. The only thing left of this revolutionary artist’s work is the religiously accurate recordings of the musical space-ships, which have been passed down from revolution to revolution.  This recording in particular is the oldest example of this work.  The quality is vey grainy, but this recording is priceless based on its antiquity.

track six

Recorded by the Silth Embassy for the Zantaar-Liiz in partnership with the Order of the Reoccurence, 1278 ag, in hopes of resummoning the Zentaar-Liiz.  This recording in particular was broadcast with such a powerful level of amplitude, that it was necessary for the Silth to tap the power of their sun to project it to the furthest reaches of space.  The process left their sun drained and weak, and led to the ultimate downfall of the Silth, when their sun flickered out five revolutions later. A true testament of their dedication to the musical space ships.  Later reproductions are managed and distributed by Solar Dragon Inc.


“Thank you for you time. It is our hope that this presentation has helped you to understand the necessity of intergalactic media distributation as the main resource available to us for maintaining tolerance and justice from system to system.  May Zentaar-Liiz return again and grace us with more of their majestic insights. Join us next time for the lengthy, but enrapturing sounds of the Weeeeiiiiiiooooo and other compositions by the Frengik Nation.”  

– Dr. John.



1.  KKFS – “First Day, Some Lake”
2.  Kilowatts – “Glob Story
3.  Ruairi Lazers – “Blown Subs
4.  Rochie “The White Grass Bending
5.  Bogsnarth – “Acid Casualty
6.  Spark – “The World Has Spoken and Blowing Things Up Is Good
7.  dgoHn – “Roasted
8.  Darren McClure – “Dec_19
9.  Aligning Minds – “sEkrAt
10.  Cube – “Rampant Zoo Sex Orgy
11.  Atomly – “Medianoche
12.  The Square Root of Evil – “Frolic
13.  Peekay Tayloh – “Vast Minority
14.  Säwe – “Brain Cloud
15.  Domotic – “Ma Stereo


1.  Sunny D. Levine – “Got Something For Ya
2.  Secret Mommy – “Bowls
3.  Venetian Snares – “Peeing_Yelloq
4.  Zephyr Nova – “Patterns and Parallels
5.  Nedavine – “Nihongo De
6.  Antenne – “Blue Light
7.  Svenedikt – “The Attack of the Jellyfish
8.  The Flashbulb – “Smoking Blue Midi
9.  Santosh – “I Am Not Mad
10.  Lee Hutzulak – “Drops
11.  Polichinelle –  “Dans Ma Poitrine
12.  Orangebox – “Our Lines
13.  Sky Barstow – “Can We Leave This Place
14.  Peter Fuhry – “No Is A Wonderful Word
15.  Alice Rose – “A Poem In Slow Motion



“When I was a wee lad in the throws of a tumultuous semester at college, which mostly found me in the back corners of smoky bars and seedy coffee houses, I sometimes found refuge in a small group of musicians who would “piggy-back”. Piggybacking, in musical terms, is a form of improvisation (not to be confused with “jamming”, which basically has no foundation in any cohesive thought outside of playing chops) where solo-ists expound on previous solo-ists. I would say it’s the musical equivalent of the old creative-writing exercise: one person writes three words, the next person writes three words, and so on to finish a story.

With all of that said, here is another take on this creative endeavor. “30 Days” is a project put together by 30 musicians over 30 days – one taking over where the other stopped. Sort of passing-the-baton, to mix metaphors. For now, the artists have made this collaboration absolutely free to you, the listener. (You may download the entire collection as a zip-file, or individually… but make sure to click through the song links to really get a feel for the project.)”

– Niel Brooks